Andis BGRC vs BGRV. Which is the Best clipper to choose?

 Andis BGRC vs BGRV clippers are the best option if you want to spare the climbing charges of routine hair-cuts in the barber shop?A courageous decision really ! However, you have to be ready together with the optimal/optimally clipper to create your task simpler. If it boils right down to purchasing the optimal/optimally hair clippers, then there’s a single name that is most popular it is only Andis which is available on one of eCommerce website! Some of the many best brands available with all the top flashlights equally for personal and professional usage. We’ll compare just two of their very best, the Andis BGRC vs BGRV that will allow one to pick the absolute most advocated selection for many of your own hair trimming demands.

Comparison Table


Andis BGRC

Andis BGRV





2900 SPM

2000 – 3500 SPM


Single Speed

5 Settings


Detachable;Ceramic Edge Blades

Detachable;Ceramic Edge Blades





2.1 lbs

0.9 lbs



Cord Base

Andis BGRC Clipper Review

Andies Bgrc Clipers with his charger


The Andis BGRC is driven with a jet motor with up to 2900 strokes per minute (SPM). There isn’t any uncertainty a rotary motor is far more powerful compared to a magnetic motor vehicle. Even with a few of the absolute most powerful motors, the Andis  BGRC functions softly. Some can believe the sound reflects the power but that isn’t required.

If the buzz of a motor is one of the things that you despise about obtaining a hair cut, then that machine is designed for you personally. The Andis BGRC functions nice & silent even having its astounding power, the most useful of both worlds for whom the sounds is really a deciding factor. The engine has the ability to create a low humming sounds because of its self-lubricating and contained layout.While most pliers use stainless steel blades, this effective motor is paired using ceramic border blades to get sharp cuts. They are rust resistant and offer sharp cuts together with lasting performance. Even the non-metalling materials ceramic does not conductive into heat or electricity allowing it to be more cool with very long term usage.

Add-on features of Andis BGRC

  • Convenient on & off switch with lock.
  • Detachable blades for straightforward cleaning.
  • Engineered aluminum substance built to work for years long.
  • Attractive metallic silver finish for a sleek appearance.
  •  Perfectly strong for all essential cuts.
  • Long handle with great layout for perfect grip.
  • Quickly switch to cordless mode using SensaCharge and also BGR+ battery pack.
  • Permanent Ceramic edge blades that stay cool & sharper for longer period.

Even the Andis BGRC is very easy to take care of because it is at least 10 percent & up to 20% lighter than many of its competition. The capacity to get a battery pack to directly show the corded unit to a corded clipper is also just a convenient choice for people who desire cordless.

Andis BGRV Clipper Review



The Andis BGRV is powered by an immensely powerful rotary engine with up to a maximum of 3500 strokes each minute (SPM). The BGRV comes up to five variable speed settings providing you with more control which is suited to every cut. The ceramic knives are fantastic for sharp cuts without any overheating and are easily removable for cleaning. Even the anti corrosive ceramic stuff is more lasting than most blades and will not need an excessive amount of upkeep. 

The corded Andis BGRV is easily convertible into some cordless clipper. But with the electrical apparatus, the look enhancement of executing a 360 degree swivel in the grip allows the cable to swivel without tangling. So, even while being a corded clipper, then it’s hassle-free to use as well as perfect for storage, visit The motor is not too loudly removing hassles of a loud motor buzz and vibrations although in use.The pivot inkjet motor provides both control and power to this use on either dry or wet hair and efficient for all hairstyles. The power is much more successful than up to four times that of magnetic motors. The ceramic knives are sharper, more durable and cooler for much longer. The BGRV supports both the Ultra Edge and Ceramic Edge blades by Andis.

Add-on  features of Andis BGRV

  • Pick between cordless and corded use.
  • 5 variable speeds out there for more controller.
  • UltraEdge clipper blade size 1 contained.
  • Supports Ceramic Edge blades as well as Oster Seventy Six blades.
  • Little & easy to take care of just 6.5″ very long term.
  • Adaptive weighing only under 1 lb at 0.9 pounds.

The rotary motor utilized with this Andis BGRV is capable of providing a heavy-duty cutting on several different types of own hair densities and textures. The system is extremely lightweight up to 20% lighter than the rest, 10% smaller and up to 15% more rapidly than conventional flashlights.

Andis BGRC vs BGRV Similarities

Since the BGRC & BGRV are the versions of same company Andis, you can find many similarities with very few variations. Therefore let’s look at all the similarities between them.


The design of the BGRC VS BGRV is hardly distinguishable as they have been both very similar in coloration and fashion. They have been smaller than the majority of other clippers and extremely lightweight. Both are corded units are known to cordless with another battery pack by Andis. Although with the battery package it may get somewhat lighter and heavier.


The Andis clippers are high in the very best products of this business and also are exceptionally comfortable and durable to use. The motor power offer by the BGRC & BGRV are superb and also overcome the majority of its competition in the market. Most professionals barbers prefer to utilize Andis products highly suggest them to regular users in your property.


The blade engineering used in the Andis BGRC & BGRV with its own Ceramic material blades allows it to be special. The ceramic stuff is anti-corrosive, anti-cheat and anti-electricity conductive making it well suited for everyday use with no much technical knowledge of the machine. The blades continue more without maintenance and do not stink for harmful burns and cuts especially across the ears. The effortless release technology lets effortless and quick blade removal for cleaning or replacement saving both time and energy


The BGRC and BGRV are the two very successful machines from Andis and at a superb significantly more than 2900 strokes per second (SPM). This is a lot more than nearly all of the competitions among the leading hair clippers offered in the marketplace. Yet, these two devices are extremely silent in operation giving off only a comfortable humming sound instead of the loud vibrations and puffiness on many other accessories that are traditional.


Both the Andis BGRC Vs BGRV are all wonderful for cutting edge all sorts of hair with a variety of lengths, textures, and densities. The Andis BGR string usually is found on the top lists by customer evaluations and journal reviews for their unique compatibility with all kinds of hair. Most professionals have the agreement which whether or not it’s hair afterward any one of those Andis BGR series clippers is really capable of giving the very best hair cutting experience encounter, with no uncertainty.

The Key Differences

There really are always an exact few variances involving your Andis BGRC & BGRV in case any other. Let us Have a Look at a Few of the smallest gap Which Exists between Both of These fantastic replicas from the legendary producer Andis


Andis BGRC & BGRV are fairly high priced services and products since they truly are top notch excellent products by way of a reputable manufacturing company. Even the BGRC is only marginally more affordable compared with all the BGRV. Both of them value their selling price. However, the gap in value between your 2 isn’t warranted with all the BGRV perhaps not offering more in a high selling price.


Even the Andis BGRC & BGRV are corded components from this box and also, therefore,  are either convertible into some cordless edition. However, what distinguishes the BGRV using an additional gain is it includes a 360degree detachable in its own cable that permits it to be more hands-free while still being properly used. Even the BGRC lacks this characteristic plus is just an exact helpful feature that tends to make the storage and use of this BGRV far more suitable.

Motor Power

The Andis BGRC & BGRV either comprise a motor with a unique ability. Even the Andis BGRC carries an engine using 2900 strokes per second (SPM). However, the Andis BGRV is a great deal more successful using the highest output signal of up to 3500 strokes each second

Motor Speed

The engine rate settings being offered from the 2 Andis services and products are somewhat all different. Even the BGRC comes with one rate engine with 2900 SPM. However, the Andis BGRV contains 5 various changeable rates for end users to secure greater hands on these own hairstyle Andis BGRC vs BGRV.

Size & Weight

The Andis BGRC is significantly more than double the burden of this BGRV weighing 2.1 lbs. Even the BGRV when compared with exceptionally lightweight just 0.9 lbs. The burden of this BGRC staying twice which of those BGRV could possibly be deceptive as the BGRC is regular in dimension and weight reduction. Visit for more info. Even the BGRV is simply exceptionally light-weight forgiving end users a far milder system that comes easily together with the additional battery package burden once changed into some cordless.


If you’re searching to discover the optimal/optimally hair loss clipper to the hard-won cash afterward select from 2 of

their most useful being offered from the reputed brand name Andis. We now have reviewed compared to Andis BGRC Vs BGRV to allowing one to choose what’s your optimal/optimally buy on wealth.Be confident both models by are worthwhile because of their unique capability and operation to produce cutting out off your

own hair an easy and effortless procedure. Andis has been a reputable new flashlight for nearly a hundred years of existence from the with a tall

amount of confidence attained globally. Therefore what exactly do we urge? We’ve plumped for the Andis BGRC whilst the absolute most acceptable selection between your

2 since it provides a fantastic product because of its own price. The plastic construct is lasting and absorbs vibrations generated from the potent engine and also feels cozier. Our selection will probably offer highly effective yet sleek and silent functionality.

 Even the Andis BGRC will probably soon be sure to maybe not emphasize you since it’s easily among the optimal/optimally hair clippers Andis BGRC from the market by having an upper hand in all its own competitors Andis BGRC vs BGRV! 


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