Best Electric Razor For Acne and Sensitive Skin

I’ve been intending to execute a post around best electric razor for acne. The most effective electric razors for sensitive and acne skin. For a little while but are overly occupied with work before today. This is an issue that I have asked a lot. Electric Razor Closest Shave I assumed I would assembled any advice for you personally.

You almost certainly understand that shaving whenever you get a terrible case of pimples is currently requesting the trouble. However you nicely moisturize skin, together with all the moisturizer therefore near skin. You will likely wind up decapitating acne breakouts stains that danger bothersome skin and causing additional hassles.

If a acne remains at a EX-treme period. Butterfly Safety Razor I then suggest that you avoid shut shaving thoroughly and adhere to some blossom trimmer. Then which if put into the bottom setting. Then will probably maintain facial skin to the very least but will aggravate skin exactly the same manner dry or wet shaving will.

Best Electric Razor

I have been meaning to do a post on the best electric shavers for acne and sensitive skin. While but have been too busy with work until now. It’s a question I get asked a lot so I thought I’d put together some information for you.

You probably know that wet shaving when you have a bad case of acne is asking for trouble. No matter how well you lubricate your skin, with the razor gliding so close to the skin. You’ll probably end up decapitating acne spots which risk irritating your skin and creating further breakouts. ProGlide Vs ProShield

If your acne is in an extreme phase. Then I suggest you either avoid close shaving altogether and stick to a beard trimmer. Which when set to the lowest setting. Will keep facial hair to a minimum but wont aggravate your skin they same way wet or dry shaving does.

Best Electric Acne

For those with milder or more manageable outbreaks of acne and still can’t wet shave. The best tool for the job is the electric razor. You still get a very close shave. Best Cartridge Razor But not that close you risk cutting yourself, plus given the nature of an electric shaver. You can control how close you want to get to problem areas.

A good electric razor can also be operated with either wet or dry skin depending on what suits you best.Here are the most popular electric shavers for men with acne or sensitive skin currently on the market.

panasonic-ES8103S 3 razor for acne


1. Panasonic ES8103S 3-Blade Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver

As one of the most popular choices for men looking for an electric shaver and gets consistently good reviews. The beauty with these razors is that they operate both wet and dry. Merkur 23c Vs 34c You can even shave whilst in the shower for added convenience which is what I like to do. When I need to save time.With 3 foil heads they easily adapt to the contour of your face allowing for a smooth, aggravation free shave.You can now pick these up for about $80 on Amazon. Which is about half their retail price as they have been superseded by this model which is newer.

 Braun 3Series 390CC-4 Razor for acne


2. Braun 3Series 390CC-4 Razor

This is the latest version of the hugely popular 390CC. Another extremely highly regarded electric razor which works very well on sensitive skin. Braun are a well regarded German brand that are one of the top players in the electric shaver market.Although this does not have the wet and dry versatility of the Panasonic. For those seeking a more traditional dry shaving action. This is a very good contender. Many people report having good success using this razor with sensitive and acne prone skin.It is a little more expensive than the Panasonic as it is a newer model. You can currently pick them up on Amazon for just over $100.Additional Reading: ​Best Electric Razor For Ingrown Hairs

Philips Norelco 1250X SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor


3. Philips Norelco 1250X SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor

Philips Norelco 1250X. This is one of the top of the range Phillips electric razor and is also very highly regarded tool. It consistently receives high praise from all types of users.Is one of the top rated shavers on Amazon and on the acne forums. This works as both a wet and dry shaver and again can be used in the shower.

that differs itself from the Braun and the Panasonic as it uses 3 rotary blades instead of a foil. Each one being independent so they are free to adapt to any facial contouring. Cartridge Razor Which if you suffer from sensitive skin like myself, is a must.

The only drawback with this product is it’s price – at around $180. It is almost double the other two products – which is why I have not put it in first place. However, if budget is not issue then you wont go far wrong with this electric shaver.

Making The Choice

In the event you are afflicted with acne and also have experienced good effects together with additional electrical razorsavailable on the current market, allow me to understand beneath. It’s mandatory home improvement pros that you bear in mind that everybody’s skin differs and responds differently thus. What is useful for you might well not do the job so nicely for the following. But would be one of the most commonly utilised electric razors by folks afflicted by sensitive and acne skin. In the marketplace now thus by deciding on these you will likely undoubtedly be in excellent business. Indeed its only your allowance and also favorite shaving fashion which may assist you to earn the choice.


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