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The electric Shaver (also known as the dry Shaver, electric shaver, or simply shaver) is a Shaver with a
rotating or oscillating blade. The electric Shaver usually does not require the use of shaving cream, soap, or water. The Shaver may be powered by a small DC motor, which is either powered by batteries or mains electricity. Many modern ones are powered using rechargeable batteries. Alternatively, an electro-mechanical oscillator driven by an AC-energized solenoid may be used. Some very early mechanical shavers had no electric motor and had to be powered by hand,
for example by pulling a cord to drive a flywheel.
Electric shavers fall into two main categories: foil or rotary-style. Users tend to prefer one or the other. Most rotary-style shavers are cordless—they are charged up with a plug charger or they are placed within a cleaning and charging unit.