Philips Norelco 7200 vs 7300. Which is the best?

Norelco 7200 vs 7300 Deciding a Beard Trimmer Really Is Not Difficult. It will become a nightmare if folks make an effort to pick in between two giants of their shaving marketplace. Is the close of the question?

No more my close friend! The most challenging barrier to conquer is that the sole at which folks dissect amongst a couple of the famous models in business large. If large is Phillips, then you are aware you are in possession of a nailbiting option to generate. Deciding between Norelco 7200 and 7300 is just one such issue. The units are essentially carbon copies of each other. You would require a magnifier to turn outside the gaps. Nevertheless, that is what I have carried out. Viewing the issue of many of my subscribers, I have tried a Norelco 7200 vs. 7300 contrast and conduct a couple of checks with intriguing outcomes.

Inside the following piece, I will be telling you all in my experience of working with these apparatus. I will list the most similarities I've located and I will nit-pick difficult to get everything really is the second gaps females and gents can count on from such twins. Without more ado, let us plank the boat and relish the trip.

Comparison Table Philips Norelco 7200 vs 7300


Norelco 7200

Norelco 7300

Length Settings

0.5 to 10 mm

1 to 18 mm

Running TIme

80 minutes

75 minutes

Lift & Trim



Vacuum Clipper




2 years

2 years

Boosts Cutting Speed



Digital Display



What I Have to Say after using them?

You would see guys delving into evaluating the 2 models within a post in this way. Maybe not me. You see, even I like to test the apparatus before pointing my fingers. This is precisely what I have done with the Norelco 7200 vs 7300 BT7215/49 (AKA Norelco 7200) and 7300. And here is my accounts.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer BT7215/49

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer BT7215/49

Why not it function? This item fits into your own palm. Normally, folks are able to browse by using their faces along with the human body with an ultimate response. This trimmer/shaver tends to make shaving a quick affair. It's mandatory that you thank the engine which supplies folks the capability to suck and cut (certainly, it still stinks in) own hair since it can exactly the organization. The buff in maybe your catalyst which aids the engine to suck and cut 90 percent of their entire hair follicles.

Do not get worried about the hair span be-ing after trimming. Since it happens, patented"Rise and Lift" tech are on the job. It supplies even cuts and also a detailed shave for those who want you. 1 additional thing I was amazed at is that the simple fact Phillips Norelco BT7215 includes 20 (it's true you read it correctly ) diverse blade span settings which people are able to benefit from. Only switch the Zoom wheel and pick out of.5 into 10-mm span. Can it be a shave that is complete, partial or styling cut of the sideburn, end users could get it done!

Wondering exactly what else can that item have in its own sleeves (underneath the tough plastic human body )? This tiny trimmer comprises"Contour Comb" technique. This nifty inclusion farther lets the blades and also the trimmer to regulate too many different shaves of the bodies and faces without even faltering.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer BT7215/49

Shaving/Trimming now is more straightforward compared to prior days!

Search, I am not mentioning that as a portion of the product sales address. The truth is that the blades are competent. These are self-sharpening from the feeling which those blades detach each other. The action prevents hair out of your blade hints and also maintain them sharp for quite a long moment. The blades are all skin-friendly. You won't ever suffer from nicks or reductions. Inside my period together with all the Norelco 7200  I discovered that the"Click " trimmer incredibly beneficial. That which you can do is simply click the system as soon as.The trimmer pops out and helps you in stylizing the facial furniture.

Since I said, the blades are somewhat self-sharpening. For this reason, cleansing this trimmer is not really inconvenience. Bear in mind, the vacuum tech which stucks air into a room? All you should complete is vacant the chamber which own air in room, wash the blades under water, then rub on them and they truly are carried’s a cleaning brush in place to take care of stray hair strands. There you have it! Phillips Norelco 7200 is cleaned. It’s as good as new!

Lithium Ion batteries are always competent. This one within Norelco 7200 isn’t an exception. It charges up quickly and has the legs to deliver 80 minutes of non-stop shaving/trimming time. Wondering how long it takes for the battery to gather the juice? It’s an hour only!

Don’t feel like working up  the battery? Good news! The 7200 can work while being tied to a power cord as well. Talk about convenience!

All that I like about Norelco 7200

  • I enjoy the General slick look of the Goods. You have to manage this particular machine.
  • The blades are all fantastic; they wash them and therefore are simple to keep up for a very long duration of time.
  • The trimmer can be really a"click on " sort. It will not stress the system and also impact the shaving system.
  • As a result of an 80-minute run time of this battery used, barbers may utilize Norelco 7200 to very good impact.
  • Do not be concerned about cleansing the item, it truly is as simple as eating and making a little dish.

I don't preferred about Norelco 7200

  • Tough plastic anxiety points could be more prone to harms in case you are not attentive.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300 Review

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300

In spite of the fact that these article is tied in with estimating the champ in Norelco 7200 versus 7300 challenge, however there's not a lot to analyze in the middle of these two marvel machines. For instance, if 7200 had an extraordinary engine with vacuum innovation, the 7300 accompanies such an engine too.

The engine enabled me to trim the facial hair and trim it as I needed to. The facial hair didn't stay and make issues like with the other trimmer/shavers out there.

Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 7300

The edges remain sharp for a significant stretch of time. Not surprisingly, these are self-honing treated steel sharp edges that slice near your skin. However, individuals with touchy skins can utilize this thing with no worries. Take it from me: You won't experience scratches, cuts, and wounds because of abrasiveness.

There's a guide brush that accompanies the bundle. It has a 0.5mm stubble setting to deal with thick whiskers. Obviously, there are different length settings too. 18 to be exact. Indeed, this is the refreshed model of the 7000 arrangement yet it includes less length settings than my previous model.

To make shaving less tedious, there's a "Turbo" button set up. Push it and the engine works snappier than previously. It additionally trims more hair than previously. Try not to stress. While trimming the hair, it won't leave fixes to a great extent. The shape alteration framework awards consistency while shaving.

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The presentation is a decent expansion in this model. It gives you an obvious thought regarding what's going on in the machine. One can see distinctive length settings, modes, and the measure of charge left in the battery. Phillips packed as a lot of information as it could in the board of this 10mm showcase.

Talking about the battery, the peculiar thing is, one hour of charge gives it legs for an hour of runtime. For what reason is 7300 has 20 minutes of runtime cut off? I surmise I'd need to pose that inquiry to Phillips.

I'd say one thing regarding this machine. It's protected. Individuals can take it on excursions without stressing excessively. There's a movement lock that keeps Norelco 7300 relentless and in one spot. There's no danger of outer and inward harms while conveying. Additionally, this lock keeps the machine from coincidentally turning on and ruining your garments inside the stuff.

Cleaning this little fiend is simple also. All the hair is put away inside a compartment in the handle. Simply dissect the deal with and get the hair out. At the end, flush off every one of the hairs all around. Be that as it may, washing under the water can be precarious with this cutting machine.

What I Liked about Norelco 7300

The stubble brush is extraordinary to trim a multi day old facial or body hair for women and gentlemen.

This thing has amazing engine however the expansion of "Turbo" button enables clients to quick track shaving.

I preferred the treated steel sharp edges. These are without support and remain sharp for long time.

The battery conveys enough legs for a few shaves with only one hour of charging.

The control dial makes it simple for individuals to switch between various modes and velocities.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300

The exhibit can be just a great improvement inside this version. It provides you a straightforward idea by what is going on within the equipment. An individual may observe different span configurations, manners, along with the sum of charge left in the battery. Phillips awakened just as much advice because it can from the panel with the 10-mm exhibit. Talking about this battery life, the most odd issue is, even 1 hour charge supplies it legs to get 60minutes of run time. What's 7300 HAS 20 minutes' value of run-time take away? I figure I would need to request problem to Phillips.

I might say 1 thing relating to it particular machine. It truly is protected. Folks are able to accept it on holidays without even fretting too far better. There exists a traveling lock which maintains Norelco 7200 vs 7300  stable and at 1 location. There is absolutely not any risk of internal and external compensation prior to taking. Additionally, this lock stops the system from inadvertently turning and spoiling your laundry in the bags.

Cleansing this very little devil is straightforward too. Every one of the hair can be kept in a compartment at the handle. Simply select aside the deal and receive the hair outside. At a minimum, rinse off all of the hairs indoors and outside. But dissolving beneath the drinking water may be catchy using this particular washing system.

That what I preferred about Norelco 7300

  • The stubble comb is excellent to cut on or old body or facial for girls and gents.
  • This item contains powerful engine however, also the accession of"Turbo" button lets users simplifies shaving.
  • I enjoyed the stainless steel blades. All these are maintenance-free and keep sharp for lengthy moment.
  • The battery also produces sufficient legs for 2 or even several shaves with a single hour .
  • The controller dial can make it simple that people change between distinct styles and rates.

Everything I Would Not Enjoy about Norelco 7300

  • Fixing the shaving headset costs individuals a lot of dollars compared to its contemporaries outside there.
  • I actually don't feel the system might be washed by massaging it under water.

Similarities  between Norelco 7200 and 7300

You’ll find that both the models 80% similar to each-other (depending on your preferences). Minus one or two simple straightforward tweaks in features, both of these things are similar and deliver top notch performances.

For example, the the electronic display is an immense item in both the models. You get to see what’s happening in different modes and speed levels. Also, the display shows your comb’s settings. Users are in the know of the process. Also, controlling these shavers/trimmers is as easy as pie with the dial system.

Stainless steel blades are very much the staple of the Norelco series. Norelco 7200 vs 7300  both have self-sharpening blades. These babies cut your facial furniture like cheese. They rub against each other to get the hair out of the tight nooks and crannies. As a result, cleaning and maintenance becomes easy.

These two designs have vacuum methods which suck on the entire hair at an alternative compartment which is a portion of their deal. Thus, folks are able to rest simple believing the toilet spout won't be described as a cluttered location right after the shaving/trimming regular daily. Don't hesitate to give the attention to stitching your own beard mustache just as far as you possibly desire. The"Tough Vinyl" human anatomy of each and every version functions the durability of all these matters very nicely. Inside my evaluations, I fell those machines a long time (Clumsy me). In me, these two designs have lived till now. I am not telling you how to shed some from this window however those babies could have a mishap or 2.

The "Hard Plastic" body of each model serves the life span of these things very well. During my tests, I dropped these machines a considerable amount (Clumsy me!). Shockingly, both these models have made due till today. I'm not instructing you to drop them out of the window yet these infants can take a mishap or two.

Both these models function admirably with our countenances. Norelco 7200 has a shape streaming structure. The 7300 has a little impression to redress. Clients won't know the distinction by any means. The final product continues as before. I could trim and trim facial and body hair with no scratches, scratches, trims, and rashes.

With Phillips 7200 and 7300 I didn't stress over any sort of upkeep whatsoever. Indeed, you have to change the sharp edges every now and again. I signified "Every now and again" in a free sense. Additionally, the system inside is sufficiently strong to get by for a considerable length of time if not years. You needn't bother with outings to a repairman's place for a fix.

The Lithium Ion battery is an incredible expansion to both the models. Be that as it may, remember, you can utilize the 7200 and 7300 of every a corded state also. Don't hesitate to utilize them while the battery is loading up on some juice. No, there won't be mechanical disappointments, trust me. Both of these infants are fit for get-aways also.

Only a small detail: Both the models take up one hour to load up on some battery control. Individuals won't need to stand significantly the day for these two to prepare for a significant shave. Time matters, people!

Similarities in  Norelco 7200 vs 7300 

These two models function nicely with these faces. Norelco 7200 comes with a shape flowing design and style. The 7300 comes with a little footprint to pay. Users won't recognize the gap in the slightest. The outcome stays the same. I can cut off and cut body and facial without any scrapes, nicks, cuts, and migraines. Together with Phillips norelco 7200 vs 7300 used to don't be worried about all types of care in the slightest. It's true that you have to modify the blades usually. I supposed"Often" at a loose feel. In addition, the mechanism indoors is still springy enough to last for weeks for many years. That you never desire trips into a mechanic place to get a deal with.

The lithium-ion battery can be actually a significant accession to the designs. But remember, you need to use both the 7200 and 7300 at a semi-automatic state too. Don't hesitate to utilize these whether the battery is currently consumed to a few juices. They won't be mechanical failures,'' hope in me. Both babies are appropriate for holidays too. Only a very small depth: The two versions require one hour to replenish to a battery life power. Individuals won't need to wait for half of daily for both to prepare to get a shave that is significant. Time things, individuals!

Comparing Phillips Norelco 7200 and 7300

With overwhelming similarities, I won't blame you in thinking,"There is no point in duking it out at a Norelco 7200 vs. 7300 match" Humbly, I beg to disagree. Despite the fact that they are quite like the surface, you will find inherent differences. There exists a fair comparison to be made. 7200 is much better than 7300.

Exactly why? Let us learn more!

  • The first thing that comes to my mind is how the cordless usage of both the models. 7200 provides me well over an hour or so when using it on battery (80 moments to be precise). However, its counterpart permits only an hour or so of shaving with precisely the exact same re-charge interval.

  • Indeed you have combs to ease shaving and trimming in both models. Yet, 7200 has as many as 20 different settings as soon as it regards sizing up tiny lifeless cells we call hairs. With Phillips 7300 Beard Trimmer, you receive 18 configurations. Two settings are not really a major deal but it still left me a little bit sour.

  • Indeed, technically Beard Trimmer 7300 is still a trimmer. But it doesn't have a"Click " trimmer just like the 7200. It is a bummer. I am aware of Norelco 7200 advantages this one out with an adjustable trimmer attachment onboard for occasions when you need one.

  • Let us address the elephant in the room. You've got Vacuum Suction just in the case there is both your apparatus. However, there exists a tiny detail which people should remember while estimating the function. With 7300, the vacuum suction chooses up 70 percent of their hair. BT7215/49 conjured up 90% during the moment.

  • Am I really being favorable to Phillips BT7215/49? Perhaps not to worry, you receive yourself a vacation lock method using 7300 that stops the machine from accidentally turning on and off your tops while you enjoy the perspectives during the holiday excursion. The BT7215/49's version is not that very good this moment; point.

Norelco 7200 vs 7300 Battle? Who Wins

Calling this type of struggle would be me moving forward with all this issue. Let us call it fair contrast for the time being. I've got my own reasons. It requires good care of trimming, shaving, and its own particular maintenance to some extent. Individuals are able to wash it readily by massaging it under water. Be no error, design # QT4070/41 (AKA Norelco 7300) includes got the lift and trimming tech. It works nicely. Delivers comfortable and clean shaving experience repeatedly. People today secure the traveling lock platform and also the"Turbo" button too. Norelco 7200 vs 7300 there is the pristine exhibit system in the job way too!

It truly is only that small details such as the Presence of this battery life remains to the decrease aspect of all things. Additionally, possessing the highest versatility when styling facial-hair in the barber-shop is critical. Norelco 7200 vs 7300


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