Philips Norelco 7300 vs 9300:Which is the best shaver?

Finding the optimal/optimally shaver is not a simple job. You are going to need to devote quite a while searching for selections, exploring attributes, and ordering services and products. Of course, should those matters don’t supply you with a clear response, then you might need to in fact spend your hard-won money only to view that which shavers will do the job for you personally. The very fantastic thing is you never obviously must experience most those matters. During this norelco 7300 vs 9300 contrast inspection, we will reveal that the higher shaver and exactly what left us believe like that.

Quick look at the two models Norelco 7300 vs 9300


Norelco 9300

Norelco 7300



Head Direction




816 Grams

907 Grams





50 min

50 min




Replacement Blade



Philips Norelco 9300 Review Of Norelco 7300 vs 9300 



If you’re searching to get a quite close shave, then afterward norelco-7300 ‎ may be your only for you personally. This dry and wet shaver will cut to 30% nearer having its V Track precision blades. The blades could also”self-sharpen” that lets them persist for around annually. Seeking carefully, you are going to find three curved slicing elements while in the shaver. They could pivot in 8 distinct guidelines individually, allowing the machine to embrace the numerous shapes of one’s own face.

Whenever you check under the outside shell, then you are going to locate two blades. They do the job like your own disposable razor at that first blade lifts the hair up whereas the next blade cuts at the degree of their epidermis. Besides this, 9300 additionally includes 3 distinct preferences to coincide with your hair on your face type and skin variety. The selections contain: painful and sensitive, ordinary, as well as quick. The sensitive and painful atmosphere works well with skin as it works with all the bottom rate environment. It truly is intended to limit aggravation.

When you’ve got normal hair growth however also you really do not have skin that is sensitive, you may simply make use of the standard environment. The speedy setting, even on the flip side, is perfect for all those days if you are at a hurry. If it regards operation, 9300 can operate for approximately fifty minutes or roughly 17 shaves. You will have to wait for 1 hour in order for this to secure totally charged. If you should be in a hurry, then you may simply plug it for around five full minutes to find sufficient power to get one shave.

Philips Norelco 7300 Review Of Norelco 7300 vs 9300



Having its DynamicFlex technological innovation, 7300’s rotary heads can rotate in five different instructions. This can help minimize pulling and pinching of their hair that happens chiefly with electrical razors

While its own mind might pivot 360 degreesand its own cutting edge elements might just bend. That, but really should not be considered a challenge whilst the shaver may still receive the business finished. Comparable to 9300, this particular unit can be ideal for wet and dry shaving. You may utilize it using shaving lotion to minimize aggravation

7300 has a excess attachment you may utilize to groom your goatee and side burns. It’s a click-on trimmer, that you may readily affix into the shaving mind. The trimmer, nevertheless, is little in proportion. Besides, you cannot maintain it eternally attached with the shaver or retailer it all in the travel instance. Having said that, you must be really careful to not misplace it

7300 is based upon its own 5.4 volt battery that is reconditioned life. It might operate for fifty moments provided that you bill it to get the whole hour. In the event you are on the go or you forgot to control your device, then you also are able to plug it for five full minutes

The machine features an LED show, check out In comparison to increased higher level and greater ending shavers, its LED exhibit may possibly fall fast since it will not actually illustrate just how much battery lifetime will be abandoned following shaving. You are going to just observe one pub that can alarm you the machine’s battery lifetime is significantly not low.

Norelco 7300 vs 9300: The Similarities

Frankly, those 2 models possess a whole lot of similarities that can overwhelm you when you are uncertain of everything you would like and desire at a shaver. To help clean out things to you personally, here’s a set of characteristics you will discover in each the models.

Wet and Dry Shaving

 Norelco 7300 vs 9300 works nicely when useful for wet and dry shaving. This really is really a very handy characteristic for men and women that prefer to shave from the shower. As well as, in addition, it usually means you may utilize either version by means of your shaving lotion or gel with out resulting in any issues using the machine

Cleaning and Charging Base

The two models include a charging and cleaning platform for your own advantage.


The two models include a 2-year guarantee.

LED Display

Norelco 7300 and 9300 possess LED displays that allow you to know very well what’s happening together with your apparatus

Back in 7300, you are going to just see 1 pub . however, it really is adequate to allow you to understand once the battery gets reduced. Back in 9300, meanwhile, you will observe a 5bar display that’s significantly more precise.

Traveling case

The two models include really a fine travel instance. It really is intended to continue to keep your own unit safe on your bag during the time that you are travel. Visit As well since an added security, their travel instances have holes that enable the shavers to wash and stay clear of mildew and germs.

Norelco 7300 Vs 9300: The Differences

But whilst the gaps between both models are not too most, it’s still true that you will need to become knowledgeable about these since this is able to allow you to earn the best purchasing choice.

Take a Look at their important differences beneath: Appearance

The 7300 offers an even fun coloration. It truly is blue/turquoise in coloring using a white outline onto these borders. It appears slick and trim

9300, on the opposite side, is black with a bit of grey. It appears slick and quite gratifying to your eyes.


It truly is milder compared to 7300 that weighs approximately 907 g. Both components, but are not that tough to make use of or move if properly used dry or wet.

Head Directions

7300’s shaver heads are able to relocate five distinct instructions even though 9300’s shaver heads are able to relocate 8 distinct guidelines. Owing to the, each components can supply a quite close shave when properly used to the shapes of their surface area norelco 7300 vs 9300.

Summary & Suggestion

 Norelco 7300 vs 9300are both equally fantastic shavers with very similar characteristics and equipment. But in the event that you have to select from them both, then go together with Norelco 7300

The machine may provide you with a close shave without even leaving you with skin that is bloated. It truly is equipped to defend skin whilst cutting on short long, and also even flat-lying hairs. It includes an anti-friction microbial coating that ensures that a shave that is comfortable, even when you possess a skin that is sensitive

Its blades will be self-sharpening, this means they are able to endure for quite a lengthy moment.


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