Philips Norelco Shaver 3100 (S3310/81)Reviews: A Very Decent Budget Razor

Philips Norelco Shaver 3100

Review Summary

The good

Philips Norelco Shaver 3100

At ease, cheap, silent, great quality, popup trimmer, and works nicely on more and horizontal lying hairs which is utilized while charging, and watertight, simple to wash Best Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

The bad

The proximity of this shave can possibly be improved. 8 hrs charging period, cannot be employed in combination with shaving lotion. Fair popup trimmer, without any cleanup brush and travel pouch contained

Features overview

ComfortCut Blade System

The Norelco 3100 S3310/81 is a basic rotary shaver that features the usual 3 cutter setup

ComfortCut Blade System

The shaving heads include a round profile which should permit them to slide easily within the epidermis also without aggravation. Philips requires for this Comfort Cut Blade program . We are going to find out. How effectively this performs in true to lifetime at the operation portion of this critique. Best Shaving Bowl

Four Direction Flex Heads

I've zero clue how they created the amount. However also the man shaving heads could be gloomy plus in addition, they tilt .

Four Direction Flex Heads

Never theless, the shaving minds can keep connection with skin even when you might have incredibly outstanding facial capabilities. This really is among the benefits of rotary shavers. Also in case the Norelco 3100 is no usually means that an higher level version.

More higher level Norelco razors have cutters which may bend properly and also the complete shaving head will liquefy. Being a real financial shaver, the Shaver 3100 lacks those skills. best electric shaver under 100

Corded and cordless use

Moist & sterile designs can not be properly used while plugged as a security precaution. But, you have the choice to shave whether it has plugged . It could be likely since the Norelco Shaver 3100 is just acceptable for use quite dry.

Even the philips-norelco 3100 is armed with a rechargeable semi automatic battery. So permitting one to make use of the shaver cordless. Best Bay Rum Aftershave

Pop-up trimmer

On the back of the shaver there’s a pop-up trimmer. Very handy for shaping your sideburns or goatee.

Pop-up trimmer

Perhaps not all entry level shavers contain just one like any Braun sequence 3 models. it's nice that Norelco decided to include it.

Fully washable

Despite staying proper for dry just surgery, the Norelco Shaver 3100 is safely washed using plain water

Build quality and ergonomics

Whilst it will not search and texture specially superior. The standard of the stuff is good to get a wig inside this budget.


The Shaver 3100 is definitely larger than you would expect it to be. Especially from Norelco’s official product photos. Here it is alongside the Braun Series 5 for the sake of comparison:

But it truly is amazingly light weight and nicely balanced. So which makes it simple to grip also to go. The structure is quite sturdy and also the completing can also be superior. Inspite of the somewhat rough edges around the surfaces of this shaver at which the matte vinyl onto the rear suits front glistening fascia. Nothing overly intense which will lead to distress however. Norelco 2100 vs 3100

hen I were to nit pick, I'd express the direction that you contain the pill throughout usage. Together with your thumb resting within the ability button. Then which makes it vunerable to become unintentionally pushed

ergonomics trimmer review


this may manifest only as long as you maintain it too limited. Not like other shavers at which you need to slide the swap to gently elevate the trimmer. Then right here you need to slip down it and also the torso. Currently being spring rich, pops right into place, vertical for the shaver's human anatomy. Right underneath the shaving mind there exists a little launch button usedto soda up the shaving apparatus for cleanup. Best Mens Back Shaver

swap which amuses it. The rubber area homes the ON/OFF button. Also both the substitute heads telling light along with also the very low battery/charging LED.To the rear of this shaver you are going to discover the popup trimmer and straight under there is the

Norelco 3100

Additionally regarding the ON/OFF swap, there is absolutely no traveling lock to your Norelco 3100. At front part of the shaver, the very best half has been coated at a exact grippy rubberlike material. Which has flat striations, even more accentuating the traction. Best Foil Shaver

Included accessories

en the elongated guarantee card provides an extra a few weeks into both decades guarantee. As a way to get it done, you need to enroll your goods on philips-norelco's internet site . The retail package Comprises These Products:

  • Philips-norelco Shaver 3100 (S3310/81)
  • Charging cord
  • protecting cap
Philips-norelco Shaver

User handbook, protracted guarantee card (6 added weeks ), respectively Leaflet for its substitution areas.

Since you may observe, there is absolutely no journey pouch and on occasion just a cleansing brush.

Both 5 a year guarantee. Together side some 4-5 days money-back request are exceptional, therefore kudos into Philips because of this. Additional Reading: Best Shaving Bowl

Battery life and charging

And that happens as much as 8 hrs based to Philips. Even mine had roughly 6 months for the whole cost. The green charging lamp will light continuously to indicate which the battery is still whole and can subsequently turnoff. The charging brick is on the list of very streamlined I Have viewed and that is unquestionably a bonus. By way of instance, this really is next to the only in the elderly Panasonic Arc 4.

Philips-norelco Shaver charger

Having a fully charged batterylife. You are going to receive approximately 4 5 minutes values of shaving period. This is really on level with all the market normal.

But it is possible to shave using all the 3100 whereas the shaver is charging. Therefore it isn't a really significant thing.

But it is possible to shave using all the 3100 whereas the shaver is charging. Therefore it isn't a really significant thing.

Up on hammering the shaver inthe battery telling LED blinks intermittently, alternating in between orange and green. This indicates the simple fact the battery is totally drained. The lengthy billing period will have been a challenge in the event that you can not make use of the shaver. Whenever it is plugged , because it had been true together with the less expensive. Philips-norelco 2100 in your sequence 2, 000. My evaluation unit was included with an battery entirely emptied. Therefore that I needed to control it just before having the ability to put it to use. Quiet Electric Shaver

The battery life is good; whilst I have not fastidiously monitored it. I could confidently state it is contained in all those specs. After some minutes, the LED will just blink green and then keep until the battery will probably be totally billed.

Shaving performance

For a lot of time I utilised a pre-shave lotion like I have sensitive skin and I normally shave soaked for the extra relaxation. Since the 3100 may simply be properly used dry. A pre-shave lotion is just a musthave for mepersonally. Let us get to the absolute most crucial part of the review and see just how effectively the Norelco 3100 shaves.

I analyzed the shaver to get a number of weeksshaving every other day. However tried my fortune on two and 3 times beard. As regular, the performance section will be broken up into a couple of components. Wet Electric Shavers

Closeness of the shave

Do not make me wrong. The Shaver 3100 was worse compared to every other rotary shaver. It's possible to buy in the pricepoint and on occasion more compared to the marginally costlier kinds. Even the philips-norelco Shaver 3100 can be an essential, budget-oriented inkjet shaver. It functions as no real surprise the familiarity is virtually par in exactly what you'd count on from this kind of item.

In my own lips it in fact were able to complete nicely. However in my throat and over the top lip it merely could not catch too close like I could have enjoyed. Rotary shavers possess some certain benefits and drawbacks when compared with transparency shavers. The proximity of this shave currently being clearly one of these feeble factors. Norelco Shaver Reviews

But a Panasonic Arc 3 such as can provide you with a far smoother shave. Thus if you're especially considering this factor that I feel that the Panny will have been a far superior decision. Just, it truly is maybe not just the ideal. Once finishing a shave that I might feel some tough patches of baldness especially in my throat.

Attempting to really go in excess of those are as differently and again using greater tension failed to conduct any such thing outside a sure position. The truth is that you may just receive yourself a rash accomplishing this. Best Shaver For Black Men


The relaxation throughout and following the shave with all. An philips-norelco 3100 was rather great to get a standard rotary shaver. In truth, it had been a ton simpler than that I had been hoping.

philips-norelco 3100 comfort

The shaving heads consistently remained awesome. Even with a protracted shaving session. Even the shaver is satisfactorily soft and smooth. It did not tug the hairs did it pinch skin. It is rather crucial never to use an excessive amount of strain. especially with inkjet shavers.

Ido acquire any razor burn up my throat when shaving tender with the majority of electric razors. But aside from some small itching and distress following finishing the shave, then '' I have no any issues with this 3100.

Shaving longer hairs

Grantedit was not as good as other superior Philips Norelco razors, but it was absolutely good enough.

Even the philips-norelco Shaver 3100 done great in this aspect. Shaving a two times beard went extremely simple. Rotary razors have a very clear benefit over the majority of other foil razors when shaving more, flat-lying hairs. While using daily use the differences are not that obvious. A two or three days beard can trigger serious issues for foil shavers, specially for its essential ones.

In my neck the hairs mature mainly parallel into your skin also should I actually don't shave often. I'll have trouble getting a shave that is smooth.

Again, I had been pleasantly surprised how the Norelco 3100 managed to receive every one of the hairs really efficiently. though the familiarity was not just the best. Foil vs Rotary Shaver

Pop-up trimmer

Also, as the 3100 is very silent during usage. The moment the trimmer is deployed there exists a very noticeable degradation accompanied by vibrations.

The pop-up trimmer on the Norelco Shaver 3100 needed the assumptions to get a fantastic effectiveness exceptional placement. Adequately sized and also the shaving head failed to have in the way. However, using it had been somewhat anti-climatic. It simply did not experience sharp and required a number of strokes to receive every one of the hairs.

Any way, it is better than not using a trimmer whatsoever.

Cleaning and maintenance

Shake off the surplus water, then with shaving mind open, let it air dry before shutting it. Make sure to clean out the out of the shaving apparatus also.

You should conduct quick cleaning after each and every use to prevent dirt and hair build-ups. Therefore rinsing the shaving unit (either the interior and the surface ) underneath hot tapwater. Fixing the Norelco 3100 is very straightforward and easy for the large part. And that pretty much concludes the cleaning process that you'll be doing for a lot of the time.

After you've finished shavingwith the razor switched off, press the discharge button pop up the shaving facility. Rinse the hair room, in addition to the interior portion of this shaving unit at which the cutters are located. Remington Shavers Reviews

Extra thorough cleaning

Let us see exactly what meaning in case of this Norelco Shaver 3100 S3310/81. Once you have washed just about every shaving head, then set the keeping frame straight back and also turn the lock . Re-attach the shaving apparatus into the shaver and also you're prepared.

As a result of way in which that the shaving heads are well intended, it is very likely a rapid wash wont remove all of the dirt and hairs trapped in the toenails. I normally carry out an exhaustive cleanup each two to fourteen days. With rotary shavers, an even thorough cleaning is desired every once every so often. Together with all the shaving apparatus started, pull to detach it out of your shaver's own body.

Even a cleansing spray just like the Remington Shaver Saver may likewise be properly used; additionally, it will scatter the pops, cutting back the warmth and also the usage.

To the interior you are going to observe a lock arrows pointing at a counter clockwise route. Switch it off to unlock and then eliminate the keeping framework which ignites on the curls from the coils.

In the event you inter change them with the functioning of one's shaver are affected, therefore simply take some own time when executing this particular operation.

So, just about every shaving thoughts has to be removed aside and washed independently. Take away and wash using hot tapwater each couple of combs and cutters you at one moment; point. It truly is quite vital that you never blend the curls and cutters as they truly are fitting collections.

Replacement parts availability

You may reset it by pressing and holding the power button for at least 5 minutes. Philips suggests replacing the shaving heads every 1-2 weeks. The Shaver 3100 S3310/81 will also let you shift them by means of the index located directly under the ON/OFF swap which may light orange. The Philips Norelco Shaver 3100 employs the SH30/52 replacement shaving heads. In fact, all updated Series 3000, 2000 and 1, 000 make use of exactly the exact same cutters.

These ComfortCut shaving heads just have slots for capturing hairs instead of compared to having both holes and slots including the elderly heads used over the power touch designs; in addition, the SH30/52 tend to be more economical to buy.


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