Review & Comparison Philips Oneblade vs Oneblade-Pro

Philips OneBlade vs OneBlade Pro: Reviews & Comparison

If you are going to get a shaver, then you ought to make sure you receive the best one out there Philips one blade vs one blade-pro. Philips One blade vs One blade-Pro after all, a very good shaver is perfect for grooming. Unfortunately, choosing the best version from the best model is now near effortless. With so many options, it is simple to end up feeling tired, overrun, and stressed out. The good issue is that you never really must go through each of the difficult task. This overview filters down your choices to two great shavers. Thus, between Philips One Blade vs One Blade Guru, what type needs to you buy? Find out the solution below. 

 Comparison Table Philips Oneblade vs Oneblade-Pro


Philips OneBlade

Philips OneBlade Pro




Charging Time

8 hours

1 hour

Battery Life

45 minutes

90 minutes

Battery Type



Length settings

1 to 5 (mm)

0.4 to 10 (mm)

LED Display






 One Blade Review of Philips Oneblade vs Oneblade-Pro

Philips Norelco OneBlade Review

Norelco Philips Oneblade vs Oneblade-Pro will assure you with the correct  direction to groom your self.

Adding razors on each side of the mind, it might permit you to shave easily. If you proceed together or against the grain, then you also won't wind up getting irritated skin. That really is rather helpful for trimming the region across your throat. Nowadays, there is absolutely no requirement to be worried about your protection. Its mind is in fact surrounded with curved vinyl ideas to help stop cuts. Philips phone calls the"double protection technique".

And also you understand very well what is?

This razor ensures that a virtually pain-free shaving cream session. Using a filler which may oscillate to approximately 200 instances a minute, it truly is in a position to reduce hair with every plank. As well as, it averts hair strands out of becoming pulled a lot better. But with all the blade transferring in this quick tempo, do not be expecting its battery life to continue longterm. The truth is that charging it 8 hours daily will merely allow you 4 5 minutes of electrical power. Broadly, that is about two shaving periods.

Whenever you purchase one blade, be prepared you'll buy 3 distinct combs- 1mm, 3mm, and 5mm. Additionally, it includes a knife protector so you may safely accept it along with you as soon as you are a journey. one blade comes with a dark and white-yellowish color scheme that can ben't the striking color combination that you might expect within a shaver. Fantastic thing its contoured shell is nicely designed therefore that it's not off-putting.

Review of Norelco Oneblade-Pro

Philips Norelco

If it regards operation, this shaver won't overlook you. With a single press of its power switch, it will start quickly, creating a hum that you will discover more tolerable than several other cheaper shavers. Moreover, its power button has recessed edges so that you can't really push by mistake.

Whilst Philips claims it may cut through any spans of hair, I don't oppose this. It really is just that in the event you are using it on very thick hair, then it could possibly acquire jammed frequently which can be a hassle. When it comes to cleaning, it can be safely rinsed under running water. You are able to utilize it with a shaving gel plus it can still supply you with the identical flawless results that you'll get if you employ it dry. In terms of cleaning, however, it might be coated under water. You are able to use it at the shower so you wouldn't need to deal with any jumble later.

Just don't forget that the shaver won't work when plugged in. If you should be considering utilizing it in the shower, then make sure it's fully charged. Otherwise, you'll just stress out yourself as it drops energy halfway throughout your shaving process.

 OneBlade-Pro Review

Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro Review

one blade Professional normally takes shaving into a completely new grade. It could rejuvenate you readily together with most of the current characteristics it offers. For you personally, this shaver has an elastic accuracy hose. It's removable and that means that you may utilize the blades for either shaving or pruning cream.

The spout provides 14 distinct alternatives. You may pick everywhere from 0.4mm to 10mm fast. You'd not even need to select the mind area out as fixing just necessitates turning its own dial-up. The shaver provides amazing flexibility. It might cut, shave or border, which makes it excellent to utilize if you are intending to generate a 5 o'clock shadow or alternative fashions.

And what is actually fine in regards to the trimmer is you may put it to use at virtually any way. The blade may maneuver on the skin, even when you're shaving from the grain. As the trimmer will not acquire that near into skin, it is still possible to expect you'll obtain yourself an easy, flawless shave with this. Clearly, to get it to come about, you ought to get certain the blade is at the prime shape. Fundamentally, you have to displace it just about every 4 to six weeks to guarantee it will work because it needs to. That, though, is definitely an issue as the replacements usually don't occur cheap.

Still another notable point about it shaver is the way rapid it really charges. Using this, then you'll not need to wait patiently long hours simply to delight in a 45-minute shaving period. Only cost OneBlade Guru to get one hour or so and you're going to receive approximately 90 moments of electrical power.

  Norelco One Blade

Philips Norelco OneBlade

Besides the durable battery, also the shaver's blades are all intended to continue for quite a while too. Based on usage, you're able to alter the blade each and every four weeks. The trimmer that accompanies this shaver, nevertheless, can be not the same narrative. It truly is really a whole lot less lasting compared to another region of the trimmer.

one blade Guru includes a contoured intended. Owing to the, it might efficiently comply with the shapes of one's own face. This implies not only merely protection but relaxation when trimming well. You may shave most of the regions of one's own face without being forced to be worried about acquiring nicks and cuts.

It's narrow and long also it has a well-balanced body weight reduction. You'll not possess problems matching it in both own hands on. This element may make it effortless for one to completely clean and keep maintaining it. Simply clean it under plain tap water to receive rid of any hair or shaving lotion.

Similarities between Philips OneBlade and  OneBlade- Pro

Philips One Blade pro is an Updated version of This Philips One Blade.
It causes it to be clear they have plenty of equivalent capabilities.

Here’s a quick list to clear things out:

Shaving Type

Both the one blade and also OneBlade Guru are fantastic for wet and dry shavings. It follows you may utilize either component from dressing your own beard, mustache or sideburns without employing a shaving lotion.

Water Resistant

one blade and also OneBlade Guru are water-resistant. This characteristic will spare a great deal of time. This characteristic will spare a great deal of time. It might eliminate the strain of clearing up any clutter afterward. You may place both apparatus underneath running water to remove any hair or lotions loss

Shaving Head

Both shavers include a shaving headset equipped with Philips OneBlade technological innovation. It permits one to shave or trimming hair precisely whichever way you operate your apparatus.

Shaving Head Replacements

Although the two components have long-lasting blades they may still find dull punctually. In overall as a guideline, look at changing your shaving thoughts to a few weeks if you are utilizing the one blade or your OneBlade Guru.

Ergonomic Design

Both shavers possess an ergonomic layout that helps make them very comfortable to grip even though shaving. They truly are narrow and long to allow them to easily fit on your hands if you've got smaller or huge hands-on.

Philips OneBlade vs OneBlade-Pro: The Differences

Contemplating OneBlade Guru is more than one blade, you also can get them to get plenty of variances. Those gaps may substantially make an impact on your purchasing choices.

Take a look at their key differences below:

Charging Time and Battery Life

This really is most likely among the most significant variances between them both. Using One Blade, you will need to attend before you may utilize the apparatus for approximately 4-5 minutes. Using One Blade Guru, on the flip side, you just must control the apparatus for an entire hour to offer it a 90-minute ability. Whether you are a regular traveler or you are only the type, contemplate this gap badly.

Charging Indicator

one blade will not possess some light emitting diode screen and on occasion maybe a moderate indicator to allow you to know when it is the right time and energy to control your shaver or any time it has finished charging. This is really a severe design defect which may lead to confusion and over-charging that may wear the shaver speedier. one blade Guru, on the Opposite hand, Comes with a smart screen Which Lets you understand that its staying battery


Philips one blade includes 3 coded combs using various lengths. They truly are effective in aiding you to attain the fashion that you desire. one blade Guru, nevertheless, delivers much more selections. You may pick everywhere from 0.4mm 10mm simply turning its own dial. These possibilities supply you with much a lot more independence in making up all the style that you desire. You may receive yourself a cut or perhaps a detailed shave minus the should make use of or purchase a specific item.

Color and Design

Although the two designs are streamlined and designed, they don't really look overly much. Besides their diverse color-schemes, one blade Guru features a stylish complete. Having its own silver and dark colors, it won't have issues blending using one other activity you've got on your restroom or package. one blade, on the opposite side, is available at an enjoyable mix of black and lime. It truly is eye-catching and interesting to check it.

Battery Type

one blade is based on ni me because of its own battery whereas Guru comes with a battery that is submersible life. Nickel metallic hydride requires a much longer period to attain whole control whilst the lithium-ion battery is now capable of keeping an ample total of vitality. This implies that the difference between the components' charging battery and time lifetime span.


Deciding on involving Philips OneBlade compared to one blade professional really should not be hard. Only look at just about every shaver's characteristic and you are going to have the ability to think of a response. For safety and convenience, I strongly urge Philips OneBlade Pro.

Using that, you are going to have the ability to love shaving to get 90 very long moments without having to spend too long since you'd charged the one blade. Plus, the appears slick and gets rid of the guesswork having its display that is smart. OneBlade Guru is also used dry or wet so that you may not need to worry out yourself once you have to shave whilst at your shower.

But in the event that you just desire to obtain yourself a trimmer that may offer you a close shave with no lots of aggravation, simply get one blade. It may lack index lights also requires a little lengthier period and energy to receive completely charged, nonetheless nevertheless, it may perform just what a shaver is assumed to do. As well as, it truly is really a whole lot more economical, also. Buying it's not going to violate your financial plan or burn up holes on your own wallet Philips Oneblade vs Oneblade-Pro.


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