ProGlide vs ProShield Find the best shaver

You've got lots of alternatives to take into consideration when discovering Gillette Fusion shaving product cartridges. Both the ProGlide vs ProShield are just two alternatives to observe. Each version includes lots of attributes to provide you with a clean shave each moment; point. However, the manners these two capsule models do the job differs in another.

This  the Gillette Fusion ProGlide vs ProShield inspection can allow you to identify exactly what causes these 2 models distinctive in another. Both models may possibly have precisely the exact same quantity of blades but the characteristics which make every distinct from every other could be more essential that you examine.

Comparing ProGlide vs ProShield







Lubrication Layers



Number of Refill



Blades Per Refill



Precision Trimmer



Bottom Feature

Comfort guard

Added lubricant

Refill Last

up to 1 month

up to 1 month

Weight (in ounces)





The first point to notice relating to this Gillette ProGlide compared to ProShield inspection would be that the ProGlide, perhaps one of the absolute most well-known versions that Gillette tends to make. Even the ProGlide is designed out of different characteristics to supply you with a sleek trim every single time you make use of it. The ProGlide delivers 5 anti-friction blades to answer the shapes around the own face, thereby providing you with a much closer minimize every single hair.

The very first 4 blades available on the ProGlide cartridge are Gillette's very low chopping drive blades. These would be the blades which Gillette tends to make. The blades reduce hair whilst developing a cleaner trimming every single time you finish a stroke. The blades are too sparse and won't induce aggravation together skin. The possibility of these blades pulling and yanking in your own hair will probably soon be minimum.

A lubrication strip is also comprised towards the upper portion of this ProGlide cartridge. This green strip, or Lubrastip since Gillette phone calls for it, presents extra lubricants in comparison together with all the Fusion5 along with other low-end versions. Even a little bit of mineral oil has been contained within this strip.

Another relaxation protector is comprised at underneath conclude. The shield includes A-few elastic strips which bind jointly. The shield will make a sleek coating which prevents the blades out of digging in far too heavy. The strips additionally proceed any excess shaving substances in skin. This consists of any tiny pieces of hair which can be made on perhaps the shaving gel or foam that you simply utilize.



Let's Go Through the 2nd Portion of This Gillette ProShield vs. ProGlide Investigation. Even the Gillette ProShield supplies a more exceptional lubricating quality that provides you somewhat of relaxation ahead of and right after every single stroke.

The ProShield capsule works by using two lubrication outlines. The initial looks on the cover of the cartridge. The 2nd reason is really on the floor and goes across the skin after a cut. Both bronchial attributes incorporate mineral oil along with several other lotions. Both strands avoid aggravation whilst shaving. These need to adhere to their own skin nicely once you contain the pill properly.

Even the five-blade layout works by using thinner stuff to get every single blade. Despite all the blades so slim, they keep to minimize hair easily and without even yanking the epidermis or even hair thinning.

A tiny accuracy trimmer is also comprised in the ProShield. The element performs another way round to trim smaller distances that may be hard to take care of together with 5 blades. Included in these are the sideburns and nose locations.

A few Fusion ProShield designs are equipped with cooling system features in the lubricated strips. Such additional substances make an awesome effect on your epidermis to decrease annoyance. You may always employ a heating gel in Gillette alongside your ProShield shaving headset in the event you would like.

Important Similarities ProGlide vs ProShield

Five Blades

Both Gillette razors ProGlide vs ProShield utilize 5 blades to get providing you with a nearer trimming. The very first four will be still light and really are the sharpest Gillette delivers. The fifth supplies a business design for completing the cutoff. The blades are still sturdy enough to minimize your own hair whilst making a nearer trimming.

Supports Many Handles

You may utilize possibly Fusion cartridge on almost any Fusion capsule handle which Gillette tends to make. You may make use of the Flexball characteristic for your gain on pick out grips using cartridge. Even the Flexball technique enables you to maintain a frequent shave on your own face at the same time you set the grip at various angles. The plan is designed for most of the shapes around the own face area.

Precision Trimmer Feature

A simple trimmer is also comprised of every one of these capsules. The trimmer functions while if you switch the razor round and apply the trimmer to experience small locations. The trimmer functions for both stains around the lips or nose one of the additional areas which may be overly sensitive and painful to your own typical blades to maneuver. You may use the accuracy trimmer onto your own side-burns to generate a more different influence.

Great Lubrication Feature

Both razors include things like lubricating strips which maintain skin comfy whilst shaving. The lubricant may put in a moderate quantity of mineral oil and also other lashes into the skin. This cloth works better should you maintain your razor mind wet prior shaving.

What Makes the Two Different? Lubricating Strips

The two-wheeled strips onto such two-sided heads are different in another. Even the ProShield works by using strips onto top and underside components, whereas the ProGlide just comes with a strip onto the very top. Even the ProShield provides an even comfortable floor.

Comfort Guard

Even the ProGlide employs a comfortable protector at underneath area. The elastic shield isn't entirely on the ProShield. The shield includes a double goal of maintaining skin cleaning and comfortable any extra shaving substances an individual has already been making use of.

Weight Considerations

Both razors have become light, but the ProShield comes with a small benefit. The shortage of substances to get a bent shield permits the ProShield to chew off a bit below an oz. The ProGlide keeps a burden marginally over an oz.


Our Pick to Your Finest Gillette Fusion cartridge Would Be Your ProShield. Both designs are way too similar to another, however, also the ProShield includes an excellent advantage due to both heating pubs. Both pubs generate a cozy impression in skin every single time you shave. The cozy design and style are essential for retaining you comfy even though shaving and also additionally, it providing you with a much closer trimming every single time you utilize this particular cartridge.

You can't ever fail with all the Gillette Fusion capsules regardless of that you would like. Don't forget to assess both to find which works best for you personally ProGlide vs ProShield.


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