Wahl 9818 vs 9864 Comparison

Wahl 9818 vs 9864 Comparison

Wahl 9818 vs 9864 Comparison: Taking a Deep Dive into Two of the Best Trimming Machines

Old-DO-ing Wahl 9818 vs 9864 contrast is similar to dividing a bath right into two (prepare yourself to know that particular reference much ). This really is an intimidating job. But in this particular piece of mine, then I plan to really go the additional mile and then dissect the 2 designs from Wahl. Both the units are intended for cordless expert usage.

That is certainly not to imply that you can't ever make use of these units in your household. You could! As it happens, these versions function nicely when managed properly. Why not they? Wahl features a rich record supporting fabricating shaving equipment. They commenced in 1919 and remain going good guns.

But these two have delicate differences regarding characteristics. This really is a result of different prices. Let us enter into the nice particulars about the devices. Let us figure out exactly what exactly makes those apparatus stick out of the audience. I will be moving right on through vital things and describing each version pitches.

But, allow me to record my adventures together with Wahl 9818 vs 9864 earlier I draw on the lineup and assess each of the services and products. It will function like a frequent floor from exactly where I Will diverge into various guidelines if essential.

Wahl 9818 vs 9864 Comparison Chart


Wahl 9864

Wahl 9818

Quick Charge

Yes (60 sec)

Yes (60 sec)

Charge time

1 hr

1 hr

Run time

4 hrs

6 hrs

Travel Lock



Dual foil shaver



Head includes



Attachment Guards






Made in



Wahl 9864 Clipper

Wahl 9818 vs 9864 Clipper

Just before I take a deep dip into this issue, I'd like to make it clear this can be actually a competent model should you would like to make use of it in a professional barbershop. For people who really don't know, this is really a"Dual Voltage" device. You can use it inside and outside the united states of America without any difficulties. That's correct, no voltage changes!

The age is not about trimmers somewhat trimming kits. Wahl gets it! That is why you get added tools with the system that quicken the trimming process. I came across as much as four separate trimming attachments. Each possess its own advantages and unique uses.

For instance, individuals possess the huge TBlade that helps using the blossom. One will cut on the beard or cut off it thoroughly. You might also trim your mustaches and human body hair with it. Girls, feel free to use this smooth machine to acquire off unwanted hairs your own skins!

My moment with the 9864 clippers was amazing because of the inkjet trimmer. It works perfectly in the event you prefer to cut back your nose and ear without scratching pulling skin inside. It really is tidy and productive. Perhaps not to mention it is hygienic also. Do not be worried about allergy symptoms to sensitive skins.

Want a fresh shave out of this trimmer? There's a double foil shaver attachment tucked in with the package. Foil shavers don't cut or moisturize on the skin whilst taking out the hairs. So, do not worry about skin burns.

Along with those 4 trimmers, you can get just as much as 12 distinct combs. These combs make it possible for visitors to stylize beard, hair, and mustache in various size and shapes Wahl 9818 vs 9864.

Matters I Liked Relating to That Design

  • 12 combs along with four unique trimmers for absolute hair care.
  • This is really is a compact machine, so you can carry it at any place during holiday season.
  • The actual simple fact it supports dual compression levels ensures you may conduct it outside of the united states.
  • That really is a very low noise operating system. It will not divert your focus if working in any way.
  • I have to that it has superb customer care. My doubts regarding any product were cleared with the user manual in a second of time.

Matters I Would Not enjoy relating to That Design

  • Sometimes, the system remains on after you flip off it. After some attempts, it functions as it needs to.

Wahl 9818 Clipper

Wahl 9818 vs 9864

Wahl 9818 vs. 9864 comparisons about informative article will probably be somewhere incomplete when I actually don't provide you with some details in regard to the  Wahl 9818 version. Since you are able to observe, it is extremely much like this 9864 in relation to characteristics. But that's perhaps not to state this will not possess any differences. I will base my accounts onto either. Enjoy this Trip!

In the event that you would like a well-polished machine, then which will be it! Stainless Steel frame is more lightweight, trendy, and functions as a shield against unintentional dropouts. This really is just a double voltage system too. An individual could conduct this machine from any place in the world. This really is the perfect solutions for the holidays.

I like the packaging provided at WAHL 9818. It provides the consumers an additional feeling of protection along with the simplicity of transporting it all around in the form of zipped and polished case.

The steel blades are a best thing inside this version also. Isn't it? These are tremendously strong, sharp, and more durable. These blades maintain their sharpness since they truly are self-sharpening too. These specific things rub each other to neutralize the hair follicles and also filth to remain functioning and clean for quite a long moment.

It's true, you are getting 4 distinct kinds of trimming attachments together with WAHL 9818 are good enough. I came across that these attachments are simple to manage. It required me virtually no time to swap with each other get several kinds of styling and detailing procedures. Let us discuss my quick adventure together with everyone that matters.

Matters I Liked Relating to That Design

  • The sleek and compact size driven me. I like the device fits into my palms once it starts functioning.
  • Stainless Steel frame really is superb as well as for protection and design. This makes certain the system is still lightweight.
  • You will have to use 4 blades along with 12 combs offering plenty of selections that you work together with.
  • Consumers are able to benefit from this zipping pack to guarantee the complete security of this machine while touring.
  • This item may work the same as a razor as soon as you remove the guards. The great adventure really. 

Matters I Liked Relating to That Design

  • The battery IS NOT replaceable. One needs to buy it once it’s at the end of its life or is damaged.
  • The blades have smaller cutting areas than some of the Wahl models.

1-2 combs along with four unique trimmers for absolute baldness maintenance? Sign up to me now!

That really is a streamlined machine, so you also could go on it anyplace after appreciating a holiday season.

The actual simple fact it supports double compression levels ensures you may conduct it outside of the united states.

That really is a very low noise canceling system. It will not divert your focus if working in any way.

I have to sing envy of this customer care I've got. My doubts with all a person handbook were rid into a jiffy.

New-12 combs along with four unique trimmers for absolute hair care.

This is really is a compact machine, so you can carry it at any place during holiday season.

The actual simple fact it supports dual compression levels ensures you may conduct it outside of the united states.

That really is a very low noise operating system. It will not divert your focus if working in any way.

I have to that it has superb customer care. My doubts regarding any product were cleared with the user manual in a second of time.

Let’s Discuss the Subtle Differences

This can be the portion of Wahl 9818 versus  Wahl 9864 comparisons at which I put in the nitty and gritty portion of this short article. When speaking about differences, I must acknowledge that it's similar to splitting hairs. There isn't a lot in these two. Whatever the gaps are, let us discuss them here.

Lithium-Ion Technology Accompanying the Batteries

Before whatever men and women will observe different types of batteries which these types utilize. This really is a result of the edition of these services and products and also the cost tags that they will have. You've got Lithium 2.0 battery to get Wahl 9864 along with lithium-ion + battery to your own  Wahl 9818 version. They both possess their own disadvantages and perks.

By way of instance, the battery arming  Wahl 9864 is bigger compared to  Wahl 9818. You obtain far more juice from it. The one-hour bill provides you much as 6 hrs of play. One-minute cost provides you 5 full minutes' worth of use to conduct this version.

So far because the Wahl 9818 can be involved, the charge for your own battery can be somewhat quick. Even the Lithium+ (perhaps not Lithium 2.0) battery supplies men and women use of 4 hrs run time the moment they control the equipment for one hour or two. Cost it to get a single moment and you're going to have use for 3-minute run-time. It truly is enough to get a fast shave.

Wahl 9864’s Shaver Head is Bigger than  Wahl 9818 

Yes, even the blade launching is far bigger within the most current Wahl 9864 compared to the  Wahl 9818. Like a consequence, you acquire a much more impressive TBlade to look after body, and nose hair trimming. Even bigger blades covers longer areas to pay every stroke. It can help as persons may enjoy excellent trimming and shaving in less time.

Additionally, folks are able to take pleasure in the assistance of the transparency shaving headset whenever they choose the  Wahl 9864 system from Wahl. Regardless, the 9818 version will not comprise you. Desire a detailed shave with all the prior version? Only take off the guards. This foil shaving head of Wahl 9864 provides you with detailed shave after you want you.

The  Wahl 9864 Comes with a Well-Rounded Travel Case

In the event that you genuinely want to become into the nitty-gritty, Wahl 9818 has a conventional zippered travel instance. It truly is amazing if you would like damage security along with the great cover to your own gadget. It truly is weather-proof too. The drinking water will not float in. The system and the attachments continue being well-cushioned whenever journey.

Even the Wahl 9864 one-ups the version using a lockable scenario plus a trimmer rack alone. You have to store each of your fasteners and also the equipment in order as soon as unpacking. That really is amazing because people are able to manage your apparatus and also its particular parts like that they can do in the property. Even the excess price turns out to become always a blessing inside cases like this too!

Which One Should You Pick?

It's really a challenging problem to become fair. Like I continue saying, both versions are equal in 95 percent of the qualities and also at the physiological assemble. The single real things prompted me to do just a Wahl 9818 compared to Wahl 9864 contrast are miniature gaps which may shape-up the shaving practical experience. Such as for instance, the transparency shaver at   Wahl 9864.

If some body's enormous on clean and close shave in addition to trimming, then acquiring 9864 having a foil shaving headset can be a much better telephone. In addition, it is profitable merchandise in the event that you should be unsure in regards to the battery life. 6 hrs 4 hours' battery lifetime turns into a critical factor in case you continue being traveling a whole lot.

So far since the cleanup kit and also the lubricating stuff is involved, an individual may proceed for both of both designs. But in the event that you prefer to travel advantage, all over again... Wahl 9864 will be the best option. The trimmer rack would be an additional advantages. In addition, the zippered case is glistening providing it an aristocrat appearance.


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